Pepper & Bay Leaf Gin

A Fusion of Tradition and Exotic Flavors

The base for BeGin CPH Pepper & Bay Leaf Gin is juniper, angelica root, and coriander seed. To this, we've added long pepper, timut pepper, and bay leaves, creating a blend that is both traditional and intriguingly unique.

Pepper & Bay Leaf stands out as BeGin CPH's first foray into the world of London Dry Gin, marking a milestone in our journey of gin craftsmanship.

Originating from Nepal, the timut pepper is an exquisite peppercorn known for its distinctive citrusy notes that beautifully complement the classic pepper flavor. This unique combination results in a gin that is not only a nod to tradition but also an invitation to explore the complex interplay of flavors.

This gin embodies our commitment to innovation, offering a taste that is as memorable as it is sophisticated.

The Original Blend Gin

A Timeless Classic, Reimagined

Our Original Blend pays homage to the quintessential gin experience, rooted in the rich tradition of juniper, angelica root, and coriander. To this classic foundation, we've introduced a subtle twist of citrus, enhancing the gin's complexity and eliminating the need for additional garnishes with your classic tonic.

Crafted for connoisseurs of tradition and those who savor the iconic gin profile, this blend is especially designed for those who appreciate the timeless notes of gin yet desire that extra hint of citrus to elevate their experience.

Hibiscus Flower Gin

A Symphony of Flavors

At the heart of BeGin CPH Hibiscus Flower lies a foundation of juniper, angelica root, and coriander seed - a timeless trio that anchors our gin in tradition. To this, we've introduced the vibrant hibiscus flower, which brings a unique harmony of acidity, bitterness, and sweetness, perfectly balanced to enchant the senses.

The tasting journey of our Hibiscus gin is an unfolding adventure: it begins with the delicate, floral notes of hibiscus, revealing a tapestry of flavors that gradually transitions to the classic gin profile, with juniper taking center stage.

Ideal for elevating a gin & tonic, the Hibiscus gin's striking red hue brings a dash of color to any occasion, making it not just a drink, but a statement.

Espresso & Orange Gin

A Distinctive Blend of Bold and Bright

Our Espresso & Orange Gin begins with a classic base of juniper, angelica root, and coriander seed. To this, we've added organic, hand roasted espresso from our local roastery, Køge Kafferisteri, and infused our gin with an extract of sun-ripened sweet oranges.

Espresso-Orange is a completely unique gin - suitable for a multitude of purposes. Mix it with a classic tonic for a completely unique taste experience. Alternatively, use it in a Negroni, where it balances perfectly with Campari and red vermouth. Or, for something truly special, include it in an Espresso Martini in place of neutral vodka to add an extra zest, with the orange notes in particular providing a perfect balance.

This gin is a testament to our innovative spirit, offering a fusion of flavors that promises to delight and surprise with every sip.

Lavender Flower Gin

Summer Captured in a Bottle

The base for our Lavender Flower Gin is juniper, angelica root, and coriander. To this foundation, we've added lavender flower, infusing the gin with a unique floral taste that carries notes of honey, grass, and hay.

Lavender Flower embodies the essence of Danish summer, offering a sensory journey through its aromatic profile.

The gin greets you with a honey-sweet nose of lavender, complemented by floral notes of thyme and rosemary. Its elegant and round mouthfeel transitions smoothly from sweet citrus to dry notes of pepper and juniper, culminating in a sophisticated and layered taste experience.


Gin that epitomizes quality, affordability, and sustainability.

Gin is a spirit for all, crafted to inspire and seduce with its flavors, enticing aficionados and novices alike to explore the rich nuances within each sip.

Our mission extends beyond crafting exquisite gin; it's about making a mark on the global stage, capturing the vast market beyond Denmark's borders with our commitment to excellence, accessibility, and environmental stewardship.


BeGin aims to stand among the world's elite gin producers.

We craft our gin with a singular vision in mind: to offer you an unparalleled experience. From start to finish, we employ only first-class raw materials, ensuring that every aspect of our gin meets the highest standards of quality and taste.

Our commitment to excellence is matched by our use of the most modern equipment, guaranteeing that every bottle of BeGin is a testament to our dedication to innovation, quality, and the unique enjoyment of our customers.


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