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As your comprehensive partner in the creation of private label gin, we provide support from conception to completion. Rest assured, you're in expert hands. Leveraging our state-of-the-art facilities, we tailor a private label gin to meet your precise specifications. Our in-house design team is on hand to assist with label creation, while you have the opportunity to co-design the recipe alongside our master distiller at our Gin School. Alternatively, you may choose one of our award-winning gins to be bottled exclusively for you.

Additionally, we offer an array of packaging options, including gift boxes, baskets, or custom-designed luxury boxes, to complement your bespoke gin.

Our private label gins are perfect for companies looking to gift something special to partners, employees, or for commemorating special occasions.

Whether you require small batches (starting from 20 bottles) or larger quantities (up to thousands of bottles), we are equipped to fulfill your needs with the same level of care and quality.


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The minimum order is 25 bottles, there are no upper limit. We just need more lead time for larger orders.

For smaller orders (less than 500 bottles) we use a standard bottle, but not the one that we use for our BeGin line.

For larger orders (above 500 bottles) we can supply bottles of your desire. We have collaboration with major bottle producers in most of the european union.

The gin in the bottles can be of your own recipe, developed together with our master distiller OR it can be our award winning London Dry Gin, that is the base for all our infused gins.

We are VERY competitive with our price model, depending on the volume, the price will vary – but in the end it’s basically not more expensive than a high quality wine or champagne.

Well, how about now?
Fill out the form below or contact us directly on and we will get back to you with a proposal for a meeting timeslot – and when we agree and shake hands, the gin will be at your disposal as soon as possible.

But be aware, that regarding larger batches with special bottles etc., the lead time will be longer than that of a small batch order.

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