Anastasia Valentin Rasmussen

Anastasia Valentin Rasmussen - MULGEO Copenhagen

'BeGin makes great gin with love. It can be tasted! I especially love their pre-mixed gin and tonic, which is also organic and locally produced. The taste is light and refreshing. It can be enjoyed over ice or straight from the bottle with a squeeze of lemon.''
Anastasia Valentin Rasmussen - Kenneth M. Nielsen

BeGIN CPH has entered the Danish Gin Scene strongly, I admit that Lavendel Gin is one that divides the waters and I also had to taste it myself with a few different tonics before I fell for it. It is a floral and delicious gin that leaves no doubt that there is lavender in it, if you use a spicy tonic, it plays perfectly with the lavender notes and you get a thoroughly delicious Gin/Tonic.
In my opinion, their Original Blend is a good Danish Gin that is traditional and allows you to use it in countless cocktails as a base or alone in a Gin / Tonic, it is also an unrivaled Gin.
BeGIN CPH's absolute masterpiece is their Ready 2 Drink Gin / Tonic, which in my eyes is the best offer on the market for a Gin / Tonic you just grab from the fridge and ready to drink, whether it's on the picnic, in the garden or to a party.
If you don't want to take my word for it, just look at the many medals and awards BeGIN CPH has received in recent weeks, 1 Gold, 2 Bronze and a Silver medal have been achieved - yes, in fact, all their products now medal winners.
Good work and of course we sell all BeGIN CPH's products in
Kenneth Nielsen Owner and Gin lover

Heidi Pelsen

Heidi Pelsen - costumer

No matter which BeGin Cph product you choose, you get the flavors you expect.

All 3 gins are clean and clear in taste with the juniper in harmony with the primary note. I also appreciate the fact that the products are organic.

There is always a BeGin Cph bottle in the gin cupboard, as different shades can be mixed up, depending on which tonic is used.

'Original' tastes of juniper and citrus with a slight hint of licorice, depending on which tonic you use. Fuglsang classic indian emphasizes the licorice flavor, which I am very happy about.

'Hibiscus' tastes like 'hibiscus', with light floral notes. Combined with a classic tonic, it is perfect on a hot summer day.

"Lavender´ is a delightfully spicy gin, with a primary taste of lavender and French Herb de Provence notes. Can be mixed with all types of tonic."

Let the fun BeGin – Heidi Pelsen

Ginforeveryone - Kenneth Hansen

Gin from BeGin is a trio of delicious organic gin. You won't go wrong whether you choose lavender, hibiscus or the original.

All three of the gins have a delicious base. If you are into the safer and classic gin, you should choose Original Blend, but if you, on the other hand, are into a bit more of a challenge for the taste buds, then their lavender or hibiscus are worth trying.

BeGin Cph is an award-winning gin series which, in my opinion, is worth trying.

Kenneth Hansen – Ginforeveryone

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