Time for a home bar?

We have collected our best tips and suggestions on how to create a nice home bar - whether it is large or small.

When you have to create your own home bar, it's not just a matter of putting your gin bottles on a bar cart. If you want to achieve the right atmosphere, more is needed. We help you well on your way with our best tips.

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Our three gins are all new and very different. Our gins are actually so different and so exciting that you can start your gin collection with our three varieties. We have both a wild, a daring and a classic.
Our gin comes in two sizes:
200 ml – if you want to start out a little cautiously.
500 ml – for the collector or the gin lover.

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Follow the new from our gin world. Remember. Good friends give good advice. Best friends give gin.

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'BeGin makes great gin with love. It can be tasted! I especially love their pre-mixed gin and tonic, which is also organic and locally produced. The taste is light and refreshing. It can be enjoyed over ice or straight from the bottle with a squeeze of lemon.''

Anastasia Valentin Rasmussen

Ejer af MULGEO Copenhagen

"Lavender´ is a delightfully spicy gin, with a primary taste of lavender and French Herb de Provence notes. Can be mixed with all types of tonic."

Heidi Pelsen


Gin from BeGin is a trio of delicious organic gin. You won't go wrong whether you choose lavender, hibiscus or the original.

BeGin Cph is an award-winning gin series which, in my opinion, is worth trying.

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