Keep it simple - expand your horizon in the world of taste

One of the things we most often come across as a producer of gin is attitudes towards gin in general. Some producers advertise with example 47 botanicals in their gin. 47….why 47? None of us – no matter how much we mean it – can distinguish 47 different impressions of taste and smell at once. It is simply too complex. Most of us can maybe hit 10 - if we are skilled and have trained our taste buds one by one.

The things we like and dislike, in most cases, have nothing to do with our immediate perception. It is a question of whether we learned to like it. Therefore, many botanicals can also seem foreign to us - the first time and perhaps it requires us to try the same gin - several times. Most often, the experience is that the product grows.

Within the area of ​​food and drink, we usually talk about picky eaters. At BeGin Copenhagen, we want to be the ones who challenge the normal - the ones who provide a new experience. After all, we often see that most children grow out of being picky. This precisely is a sign that it has not much to do with the taste, but possibly with neophobia - i.s. fear of new things.

Neophobia certainly also exists in the world of gin 🙂

Many stick to one or a few bottles - to those you already knows. This is exactly where we as, a producer of good gin come in. We want to give you a little nudge - offer you some taste and scents that make you want to try something new. Use the best ingredients and make award-winning gin – and we can do that 🙂

If you, as an adult, are determined to become less picky, it is about gradually introducing your taste and smell cells and not least your brain to new flavors in small doses at a time. Do the same with your gin. Try something new – experience the world of gin.

It is important that we constantly offer quality experiences. New flavors – great experiences for both nose, mouth and brain. At the same time, we always have to keep it simple - so you can taste, smell and enjoy what you drink. Our gins are all developed with few botanicals. So you get the best experience. That's the mantra at BeGin Copenhagen. Cheers!!

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