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``Keep it simple``
We are playing with the simple - turn it into something unique. We are playing with taste, color and expression!

Our selection....

Something we hear the most is: "it is too hard to choose - they are all amazing - each in their own way"

BeGin is among the world's best gin producers

Our gin is developed with the biggest respect, for you to get a unique experience. We use first-class raw materials through the whole process. Everything is made on the most modern equipment.
  • Organic
  • Produced in Denmark
  • Handmade
  • Taste incredible

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Follow the new from our gin world. Remember. Good friends give good advice. Best friends give gin.

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Fans said

Your feedback is the most important thing to us - that is why we listen!
'BeGin makes great gin with love. It can be tasted! I especially love their pre-mixed gin and tonic, which is also organic and locally produced. The taste is light and refreshing. It can be enjoyed over ice or straight from the bottle with a squeeze of lemon.''
Anastasia Valentin Rasmussen Owner of MULGEO Copenhagen
"Lavender´ is a delightfully spicy gin, with a primary taste of lavender and French Herb de Provence notes. Can be mixed with all types of tonic."
Heidi Pelsen Costumer
Gin from BeGin is a trio of delicious organic gin. You won't go wrong whether you choose lavender, hibiscus or the original.

BeGin Cph is an award-winning gin series which, in my opinion, is worth trying.

Ginforeveryone - Kenneth Hansen

BeGin Cph ApS
Vestergade 29 - 4690 Haslev

Phone: +45 61 40 46 90
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